Center For New Beginnings

Center For New Beginnings

Adult Services

When you call us for services, you can expect to be listened to with empathy and understanding, regardless of the issues that bring you to therapy. We will offer you a tailored treatment approach that takes into account your goals, strengths, personal situation, cultural background, stage of life, etc.

Through therapy we aim to help you build self-confidence, increase support systems, and improve skills related to communication, coping, time management, organization, anger management, and parenting. We offer assistance with problems such as emotional stress, socialization, intimacy, and substance abuse. Sometimes the focus of therapy involves help with everyday issues in the home, workplace, or educational programs. Our goal is to help you function at your best and to become happier and healthier.

The Center is the place to come when additional support is needed due to depression, loss, physical illness, financial problems, traumatic events, divorce, or tragedy. Our services are an important aid in times of adjustment, whether it involves a new job, new relationship, new roommate, or a new living situation such as moving to a nursing home. That's why we are called the Center for New Beginnings.

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