Center For New Beginnings

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Littleton, New Hampshire
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Center For New Beginnings

Violence Prevention Program

We help men and women find a place for making the changes needed to live and love peacefully without violence in their relationships. Our program includes violence prevention, anger management, and help with control and intimacy issues.

If you have been court-ordered for treatment or if you want to make some changes before the courts become involved, we can help. As a client in our Violence Prevention Program, your needs will be assessed and you will also have access to general counseling and other services.

Typically services are provided in a structured 36-week group treatment program. Preparation for the Violence Prevention Group entails individual intake, records and history review, a personal willingness to be open and involved in the change process, sobriety, and commitment to complete the program.

Once you are admitted into the intensive group, and periodically throughout the process, your clinician may prepare documentation as requested to supervising parties to indicate your cooperation and the quality of your participation in the program.

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