Center For New Beginnings

center for new beginnings office in Littleton

229 Cottage Street
Littleton, New Hampshire
Telephone: (603) 444-6465
Toll-free: (888) 999-5009
Fax: (603) 444-6233

Center For New Beginnings

Emergency Services

These services are available to our clients who may be experiencing distress or a life-threatening situation. Emergency services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. A call to Center for New Beginnings after office hours will connect you with a live answering service attendant who will then page the on call CNB trained staff clinician, who will determine whether immediate assistance is necessary. During the phone conversation, a plan that both you and the clinician are comfortable with will be developed. Arrangements may be made for meeting with a therapist. This meeting may occur at Center for New Beginnings, or at a local hospital emergency department after business hours.

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