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Employee Assistance Programs

We help companies create a winning workplace by helping eliminate psychological barriers to productivity through consultation, coaching, and prompt availability of support services for all company employees.

The EAP provides counseling and support for:

Creating an Employee Assistance Program for Your Company

The Center for New Beginnings can design a customized Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) to help employers assist their employees and families during difficult times.

Effective, well-motivated employees are a company's most important resource. An EAP measurably benefits companies by reducing absenteeism and lost productivity due to mental health concerns, personal and family-related problems, and substance abuse issues. Having healthier employees ultimately results in improved profits as well as improved company morale.

A small per-employee cost assures that all workers have timely access to professional counseling for personal or work-related issues that may be interfering with their job performance and emotional well-being. Referrals for services can come directly from your employees themselves or from their supervisors. Issues that might lead to referral include poor time management, emotional stress, marital or family problems, anger management, and dealing with grief or loss. Confidentiality is explained to all and strictly maintained within the program.

An EAP begins with education for management and supervisors to help them learn to recognize employee problems and how to refer employees to the appropriate services. After supervisory training, we conduct an orientation for company personnel to familiarize them with the program and to explain how they can easily access EAP services.

A comprehensive EAP can also include options such as a monthly newsletter or on-site visits for consultation and trainings on issues such as communication skills, healthier lifestyles, stress management, leadership skills, and many other topics.

If you are interested in making this wise investment in your company and in your employees' health, please call the Center at (603) 444-6465 or (888) 999-5009 to discuss costs and available options.

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